Social Media vs SEO: What is More Important for Website Traffic?

Generally, social media and organic search are two of the best sources for website traffic. To determine which one is the best, we will take a closer look at them both.

 Social Media:

The best part of social media marketing is that it drives more traffic to your website by organically attracting people. It has benefits that will influence your audience and the advanced search provides many options for companies to discover you. You can obtain a bit more control with social media vs. SEO and you can always adjust your strategy and learn from your mistakes to continuously improve.


The best part about SEO is that it targets more high-quality traffic than social media. It depends on what you are actually search ranking, but the results are easy to measure and quantify. Think about it – when on the hunt for a certain service or product, we are more inclined to go to a search engine i.e. Google vs. Facebook or Instagram. With that said, it’s so important to make sure your website carries all the keywords that people would be most likely to plug into the search engine.

I would have to say that both are equally important for website traffic, so it’s always best to push for both!